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Travel to India

India, the name is derived from the Indus river and mother of all Indians. It is one of the most well - known tourist destination in the world. India is a mixed country of all culture, caste, tradition and others. It is a Home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and a region of full of historic trade routes. In the year 600 B.C. and 500 B.C., Jainism and Buddhism were founded in India respectively. There is a magic in the weather of India. India has great value for all types of destination tours. From the accommodation to Indian cuisine all are available. One can feel the winter, monsoon, autumn and summer seasons in different places of India. Pilgrimage tours, Royal Heritage tours, Indian cuisine tours, Adventure tours, Religious tours, Wildlife tours are most visiting tours in India. The desired places and locations could be included in your package by asking our experienced and knowledgeable Indian travel agent and we will assist you with our best services as per your requirements. Main reason to visit India is to have Medical Ayurveda treatment (harmony of body, mind and soul) for relaxation in Kerala. Since 3000 years ago, Ayurveda, the Father of Medicine, Charaka is the earliest school of mankind. Maximum tourists are from outside India. There are large number of Ayurveda colleges and practitioners in comparison to any place in the world.

There are total twenty eight states and every state has their own history, languages, cultures, lifestyle, food cuisine, destination which are incredible from all sides. Tourist who will visit for the first time will become friendly and memories will be forever lasting.

Weather of India

There are four season in India which follows - Winter, Monsoon, Autumn and Summer.

During the Winter season, weather comes down to – o C in some part of India whose which are closer to Himachal region. During the Summer the weather is very hot and raise to 45oC. During the Monsoon season, the weather remains pleasant and some there are heavy rainfall.

Best time to visit India is all throughout the year consulting our Tour Operators.

Language Spoken India

Hindi is the Official language of India. English is the secondary official language. Beside this there are many other languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Urdu, Bihari, Bengali, Assamese, Burmese, different tribes and others.

Some Amazing Facts of Indian Tourism

  • India is the largest democracy country in the world.
  • Indian ancient art and architecture are most highly developed and an integral part of India which you can find inside every monuments, old palaces, temples, caves and others.
  • Taj Mahal – which is one of the seven wonders of the world built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.
  • The temples of Khajuraho are famous for exotic sculptures and are one of the most popular tourist attractions in India.
  • The most popular and visiting tourist destination is The Himalayas means ‘abode of snow’. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word hima, means “snow,” and alaya, means “abode”.
  • Wildlife of India explores some most amazing species like Bengal Tigers, One - horned Rhino, Peacocks, Kingfisher birds, China Birds migrating in India, and much more.
  • Every major world religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism all are originated in India.
  • There are two epics in India – Ramayan and Mahabharata and their stories are still depicted in India.
  • Ganga is one of the holiest rivers in India and it is said that by dipping in the river human sins are removed.
  • India is listed as world’s largest tea producers which have different varieties with flavours.

How to reach India?

Transportation in India plays a vital role and most convenient for the tourist travelling from states to states, country to country.

By Air : International and Domestic Airports are available in all major cities of India.
By Train : Railway stations are available in all major cities of India to travel from one place to another.
By Road : Roadways are easily accessible. It is connected through one city to another in India.


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