India at a Glance

India, the name is derived from the Indus river and mother of all Indians. It is one of the most well - known tourist destination in the world. India is a mixed country of all culture, caste, tradition and others. It is a Home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and a region of full of historic trade routes. In the year 600 B.C. and 500 B.C., Jainism and Buddhism were founded in India respectively.


India Fair & Festival

Festivals are a way to celebrate and rejoice in our rich cultural heritage, our traditions. They are the means to provide framework to our social lives and cohere with our family and loved ones. In India with her extensive caste system, a population of over one billion and house of every major religion of the world every other day is a festival of some sort or other be it national, seasonal [related to food supply and agriculture] or religious...

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India Rural Village Tours

India Rural Village Tours, The soul of India said M.K Gandhi rightly, is in its villages, home to 70% of her 125 billion population. With agriculture still being our primary trade, Indian villages are the backbone of our country. Rural India is the epicenter of Indian culture. Through this rural India tour we offer to take you to the untraveled corners of India, serene villages unlike the sprawling crowded cities, rugged and dusty thickets and paths...

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India Travel Tips

Clothing – What should I pack for India?

We recommend light cotton tops, short and trousers. The best colours to wear are khaki, beige and white. Light cotton, long sleeved clothing is especially recommended for game drives. Please ensure that you pack warm clothing if they are travelling in the winter...

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India UNESCO World Heritage Cultural and Naturals Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Committee a specialized body of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is dedicated to the Prevention and Promotion of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. 30 heritage sites in India are recognized by the World Heritage Committee of which 24 are Cultural Heritage Sites and 6 are Natural Heritage Sites. India UNESCO World Heritage Natural Sites are ...

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Best time to visit India

Like the diverse geography of India, weather in India is also dynamic, wavering not only with seasons but also from one place to another. The three most prominent seasons here are winters, summers and monsoons. Also depending on the differing temperature zones and amount of rainfall received the Indian Meteorological department has divided the country in seven climate zones. By the far the best season to visit India is between the months...

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